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Mediation Custody Property Settlement


Divorcio propiedad custodia


  • Completing an Uncontested Divorce: This means that both spouses have reach an agreement on all essential issues without needing a judge to intervene. The attorney will make this process as smooth and as quick as possible for you to move on with your life.

  • Coaching through a Collaborative Divorce process: An excellent choice and worthwhile investment to discuss divorce issues outside of court and with guidance of multiple professionals.   

  • Establishing Parentage: Establish your legal parental relationship.

  • Establishing Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (Custody):  Determine how decisions regarding your child(ren) will be made.

  • Establishing Parenting Time (Visitation): Figure out a schedule for you to spend time with your child(ren).

  • Providing Family Mediation Services: A process where a neutral third party helps family members resolve conflicts by guiding communications and negotiations to reach a mutually agreeable solution. 

  • Securing financial support:  Changes in life sometimes require the need for child support and spousal support enforcement and modification services.

  • Developing Prenuptial/Premarital and Postnuptial/Postmarital Agreements: Protect your assets and establish expectations for financial issues during your marriage and in case of a divorce. 

  • Processing an Adoption - Related, Adult, and DCFS (foster care): Become the legal parent of a loved one. 

  • Obtaining Guardianship of a Minor or Disabled Adult: Caring for a child when the parents are unable or unwilling OR Caring for a loved one that needs assistance making personal and/or financial decisions. 

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