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Fee Schedule*

       Service                      Price Range                         Duration

Adoption - Foster child DCFS
2-4 months
Adoption - Related (uncontested)
starting at $2,000.00
2-4 months
Contested Divorce or Parentage Case
$450-850 flat fee per month for the duration of the case
Duration varies
Divorce Package (no legal representation)
starting at $1,200
Document Review
$250/hour or flat fee if appropriate
Guardianship of Minor/Adult (uncontested)
starting at $1,200.00
1-3 months
$280 per hour; Retainer of 5 hours required upfront.
Duration varies
Uncontested Divorce (no minors)
starting at $1,500.00
1-3 months
Uncontested Divorce (with minors)
starting at $2,500.00
1-3 months
Uncontested Parentage Case
starting at $1,800.00
1-3 months

* Please keep in mind that the listed fees are only estimates. An exact fee for your specific circumstances will be given and notated on your legal services contract. Due to the nature of family law cases, duration of a case is also not guaranteed. Fees listed DO NOT include filing fees or any other case related fees.  Court costs and fees are additional and due prior to filing the case.


"Whoever said money can't buy happiness never paid for a divorce before!" 

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